Learning a language is one of the most challenging task you can take up, and the most rewarding one as well. Many of us don’t realize its importance until we’re faced with foreigners in a distant land, not knowing what you speak and treating you like aliens. If you’ve been through this, you would know how miserable this can feel. When learning a foreign language, it is important to understand that no one expects you to be perfect; making an effort is at times enough of a driving force.

Is it as challenging as it seems? Here are some of the convenient ways in which you can learn a new language.

1. Taking Lessons

If you find it challenging to organize yourself, it is best to take lessons in order to learn a foreign language. Although many people hate the idea of taking lessons because it can be monotonous, structured learning is good for many. Most of the people successfully learn a different language through taking lessons because you can go step by step to achieve milestones. Because there is so much involved in learning a new language, a lot of learning can take place when you take lessons.

2. Listen and Observe

Listening is no big deal. All of us listen to a lot every day. However, we aren’t even paying attention to most of it. Learning comes in different forms; the best one is to observe carefully and then mimic. If you aren’t an attentive learner, you would find it difficult to find similarities and learn new words and phrases. As you keep learning, it is good to mimic initially because this way it stays there in your mind. There are many words and phrases you’ll come across that are repeated most often.

3. Don’t Communicate in Your Language

Whenever we step into a foreign land, almost all of us love the thought of coming across someone who can converse in the same language as us. This is great when you’re trying to find your way on a street or wishing to know about some affordable place for dinner. However, this also means you’re moving away from learning a new language. So the next time you’re on a trip and come across an English speaking local, ignore the thought and try to converse with them in the local language. This would help you to feel more confident and take up the challenge quickly.

4. Make a Move Out of Your Comfort Zone

At every step of learning a new language, you must always be realistic and confident about your learning journey. You’ll come across many alien words, some of which will take a long time to understand. In order to avoid this situation, it is important to step out of your comfort zone in order to achieve something. Carrying a pocket dictionary would be a good idea for learning words instantly while traveling. The more you expose yourself to the foreign language, the better it is for you!


Introverts are discriminated even in the most developed parts of the globe in various fields of life. No matter how much the human race has advanced, it is still considered an extrovert’s world. There are many misconceptions when it comes to introverts; either they are considered anti-social or snobs. None of this is true. Introverts are as normal as any other human being. The only thing that makes them appear so different is their approach towards life. This is true when it comes to traveling too!

Because their approach to traveling is quite different from others, commuting to a foreign land can come very challenging for them. As an introvert traveler, it is best for you to escape the world of stereotypes and embrace your journey soon. Here are some of the best tips for introvert travelers.

1. Do the Destination Search
This is the most important element when you’re trying to plan a trip to a distant land. The destination you choose will have a huge impact on your experiences so it is advisable to spend some time choosing the best one for yourself. Plan your itinerary so that you have realistic expectations from the destination you’re traveling to. Every place on this globe is distinct and no matter how amazing they may be, some are just not meant for you. Do your homework before you end up in a pool of awkwardness!

2. Pick the Aisle Seat
Many of us feel claustrophobic inside a plane. No wonder the introverts feel it too. It gets even more bothersome when there is barely any space to move with someone a bit too interested in trying to engage in a conversation. This might make an introvert traveler anxious. In order to escape this miserable situation, it is best for you to pick up the aisle seat. Although you’d still be stuck with a group of people, at least you would still have some space to get up whenever you wish.

3. Carry a Travel Journal
Many a times, it gets almost impossible for introverts to connect with people around them because hardly anyone can relate to their thoughts and feelings. Because traveling is a fulfilling experience where you need to share plenty of feelings and thoughts along the way, it is advisable to carry a pocket size travel journal whenever you can. In this way, you can pour all your thoughts whenever you feel like. 

4. Don’t Forget Your Hobbies
The most important thing that the introverted travelers must remember is that they can always be themselves even when they’re in a distant land. You can keep your hobbies alive and do whatever pleases you. For instance, if you have a love for painting or photographing, a foreign land gives you a new environment where you can polish your skills. Do not stop doing what makes you happy!

As an introvert, it is a must to build your courage and face the world. Traveling is an amazing way of letting go of yourself and experiencing joys like never before.

Plan the Perfect Holiday Trip for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February of every year and it is one of the most awaited days. This is a very special day as people all over the world tell each other how much they love their significant other. People try to make this day as special as possible by showering each other with red flowers, chocolates, stuffed toys and gifts. For people who are looking for a new gift idea for Valentine’s Day; can plan a trip for their partner this year. This mini vacation is a great way to spend time together and take a break from the busy schedules.

Before you plan your trip, there are several factors that you must consider. Here are few steps which will help you in many ways and take away the stress of planning. Make Valentine’s Day special for each other this year by going away for a couple of days to a nice place. Always pack the right clothes and book everything a few weeks earlier. This way nothing will go wrong on the trip and hopefully everything will be done according to your plan.

Plan Ahead for your Romantic Vacation

Always plan ahead and do not wait till the last moment. If the trip is a surprise for your partner then there are several important things that you might want to get. Depending on where you are going, always check the weather there. If you are going to a hot weather place with beaches then it is important to get sunscreen, swimwear and other important things. Generally people are always on a tough schedule and do not have the time to go to stores and malls. Make online shopping your best friend this year and get everything you need delivered to your house with a cash on delivery in Cambodia.

Kaymu Cambodia is a secure online marketplace where you can get all the travel essentials under one roof. There are many discount offers which reduce the cost of the products. All the necessary travel items are on sale for Valentine’s Day! For valentine’s day shopping from kaymu click here. Another very popular online store in Cambodia is shop168 where buyers can get important last minute stuff delivered anywhere in Cambodia.

There are several factors that you must consider before going on a trip. After knowing how the weather will be like, pack clothes, shoes, makeup, hair tools and accessories accordingly. The key is to pack light and get travel sized products which will help making things easier for you. After you are done with the packing, make sure to book a hotel which is according to your budget. The hotel should be located near to all the happening spots which will reduce the travel fuel costs. Also locals can easily help you finding the romantic spots to enjoy your day with your partner. Before going to the place, you can do a little research on your own to find the best restaurant or places to explore. There can be several types of temples, trekking tracks and other places which can be a new experience for both of you. Have a nice Valentine’s Day!

What to Look for When Booking a Southeast Asian Flight

Booking a flight to certain parts of Southeast Asia can be incredibly frustrating. Due to dozens of different factors, flights to certain countries can vary hugely in terms of price and blackout dates. For example, getting to Malaysia during certain holidays can be incredibly difficult. Also, the weather really affects which flights are available. When you’re looking to book a flight from Thailand to somewhere else in the region, you need to look at several different features.

Look For Flight Dates

It’s important to look for flight dates that are fitting in your schedule. This might seem obvious, but it’s a little less intuitive than it seems. Many websites will have similar airlines available but they’ll have vastly different flights available. That can be due to their contracts with airlines, different government regulations, and their specific criteria. In addition to having different flights, they might have different prices for the same flights. That is a result of various deals and arrangements. It’s important to do a little bit of shopping around to be sure you’re getting the best possible deal.

Look For Destinations

Certain websites have flights that only go to certain places. That could be a feature of various governmental contracts, agreements, and negotiations. Also, certain websites have more connections with certain governments. For example, one site might have a long established relationship with Myanmar, so they provide some of the best available flights and hotels. You just need to know which website has the best options.

Look For Payment Methods

It might seem kind of petty, but payment methods are incredibly important for two reasons: ease of pay and security. Security is probably your most important requirement. You need to know that your banking information is going to be safe from anyone who might have some kind of negative intentions with your information. That’s why you should do your business with an organization such as Thai Smile which guarantees secure transactions. Also, you want to do your business with an organization that guarantees many different payment methods so you can decide which is right for you.

Some people like to make a straightforward payment with a credit or debit card; that’s often the preferred method online. However, some people don’t like putting their card information online. Instead, they prefer Internet banks or even physical counter payments. A counter payment gives you absolute security since you can make your payment in person.

Look For Fees

So often, when you are booking a flight, you see a really great price and you jump on it. However, when you try to pay for your flight, you find a bunch of hidden fees. After the hidden fees, often called convenience fees or processing fees, you find that you’re paying much more than you thought. Then, on top of that, some websites charge a booking fee. After all of those different fees, your great price actually isn’t so great. 

You should pick a site that does not have any booking fees or hidden fees. You want a website that gives you an honest price up front.

Places to visit in cambodia tripadvisor

Cambodia is one of the newest and the most attractive tourist attractions in the world. The attractive tourist spots in Cambodia include Angkor Wat and the temples of Angkor in Siem Reap Province, as well as fascinating cultural attractions in the capital of Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville provincial beaches and some other tourism services.


Phnom Penh, the capital of the Kingdom of Cambodia, is one of the most important destinations of tourism in Cambodia. Coming to the Phnom Penh, you can not ignore the famous landmarks and monuments:

  • Royal Palace, Phnom Penh with two relics of Silver Pagoda and emerald Buddhist Temple is one of the most popular attractions of Cambodia tourism;
  • Wat Phnom;
  • National Museum of Cambodia;
  • Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum (S-21 prison);
  • Choeung Ek Killing Fields, where the Khmer Rouge regime executed many innocent people;
  • Wat Botum where Pol Pot lived in his boyhood
  • Independence and Liberation Monument
  • Olympic Stadium, where Asian Games sport tournament should have taken place in the 60s but was canceled due to the political situation at that time.

Places to visit in cambodia tripadvisor
Royal Palace in Phnom Penh

River cruise in Phnom Penh

Coming to Phnom Penh, many visitors choose a trip with dinner on the romantic river in front of the Royal Palace. Excursions lasts about 1 hour to 2 hours, along the Tonle Sap river from Chatomuk Square downtown, tourists enjoy the panorama of Royal Palace, National Museum, parks and panorama of Phnom Penh, across the Tonle Sap River and go to the Mekong river to enjoy views of the fishing villages on the river. The most appropriate time to catch the panoramic photo of the Royal Palace is in the early morning when the sun shines in the east.
Places to visit in cambodia tripadvisor
River cruise
The famous amusement area in the evening in Phnom Penh is Sisowath Quay riverside area with many bars, cafes, shops like West street in Saigon. For visitors who prefer branded clothes, Russian Market is the not to miss destination in the trip to Cambodia. Phnom Penh is home to many factories producing clothing for famous brands like Levis, CK, Ralph Lauren ..., the samples are usually taken out this market with very affordable prices.

Siem Reap: the popular tourist destination in Cambodia with a key position near the Tonle Sap, the river town of Battambang and most importantly, the relics, ruins of Angkor. In addition to be the city as a transit point for other prominent destinations in Cambodia, Siem Reap has many remarkable sights in the city:

  • Angkor National Museum: exhibits the specimens showing Angkor history with modern technology. The most impressive section is the room1000 Buddha statues.
  • Wat Bo: the combination of French architecture and the features influenced by Thai Buddhism;
  • Wat Preah Prom Rath: a 500 year old temple with the reclining Buddha statue;
  • Angkor Silk Farm: is not far from the city center but is located in quite spacious rural areas, is the place where you can witness the process of making silk of Cambodian.

Places to visit in cambodia tripadvisor
The process of making silk in Angkor Silk Farm
One of the busiest areas in the city is the Old Market area with restaurants, cafes of every prices. If you want to experience the lively bars, you should visit Pub Street considered as the West street in Siem Reap and of Cambodia tourism, similar to Bangkok's Khao San area and Bui Vien street in Saigon.
Places to visit in cambodia tripadvisor
Banteay Srei Butterfly Center
Several other Cambodian tourist destinations which can be reached from Siem Reap include the relics of Banteay Chhmar in Banteay Meanchey province nearby, Banteay Srei Butterfly Center located near Banteay Srei temple outside of Angkor relic, and Phnom Bok hill (20km northeast of Siem Reap) with the majestic ruins, relics of Koh Ker temple pyramid (120km from Siem Reap) and relics of Sambor Prei Kuk ancient capital near Kampong Thom city. These are all valuable relics contributing to the development of tourism industry in Cambodia.

In Northern region

Banlung: Banlung is the capital town of Ratanakiri province eastern of Cambodia. This is a wild land with vast forests and is also inhabited by the ethnic minorities of Cambodia. Therefore, coming to Banlung, you will have a quite different experience from the popular attractions of Cambodia tourism. Some popular destinations in Banlung are Yeak Laom volcanic lake, Wat Rahtanharahm, Chaong waterfall (you can go at the back of this waterfall because the stone steps have been undermined) and Virachey National Park. Apart from that, Banlung is also home to many rubber factories and gemstone mines. You can ask the hotel staff about the tours discovering the precious stone mines.
Places to visit in cambodia tripadvisor
Yeak Laom volcanic lake seen from above

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Travel Tips: What to Wear in Cambodia

Cambodia remains extremely hot all around the year but the area does have frequent rainfalls. The rainy season is usually in the time of June till October. Besides these months the temperature remains to be warm.

When planning to visit another country, there are several factors to keep in mind. One should be well aware about the cultural elements, the climate, socially accepted norms and the overall cost of the trip.

When it comes to packing the right clothes for a trip, people should do some research about the country’s culture first! The culture will define what type of clothes to take along. Cambodia is a very conservative country but the local people are accepting tourism happily.

However the country has strong beliefs about modesty so here are few tips for clothing items that are weather appropriate and culturally accepted. Tourists should always respect the cultural elements of another country.

Shopping for new clothes for trips can be daunting because people always wait till the last moment and end up getting things in a rush. Always plan ahead and if you do not have the time to go out and shop then shop online!

There are several online marketplaces that provide a secure platform to shop. Kaymu is one of the online stores that offers a wide range of clothing items and travel related products. There are several discount deals offered which reduce the cost of the products that you want to buy.

Also online shops like Shop168, offer a wide range of international brands. You can buy all your favorite brands just by sitting at home with a cash on delivery option.

Clothing Tips for Cambodia

Clothes for Men in Cambodia

Many parts of Cambodia have accepted shorts to be worn by men while some places do not accept it. For general touring of the temples and walking around town, men can wear shorts and a shirt. Since the weather is warm, people in Cambodia allow men to wear shorts rather than trousers.

During the day men can wear shorts, but at night tourists are expected to be dressed a little more formal. So even if you are visiting the same place or temple, you should wear trousers with a long or short sleeved button-up shirt.

Also when you will wear shorts, make sure you put on an insect repellent because there are a lot of mosquitoes in some places of Cambodia. Also apply plenty of sunscreen and wearing a hat would protect you from the sun.

Clothes for Women in Cambodia

Since the weather is hot, women should pack clothes made from light fabrics like linen and cotton. These fabrics will keep you cool during the hot weather. Also the local people do not like women wearing spaghetti-strapped tops. Locals will feel offended and disrespected, so wear a t-shirt or blouse. In formal settings you can wear a long dress which is socially accepted. During the day jeans and long skirts can be worn by women.

Footwear to be worn in Cambodia

The best types of shoes to be worn in Cambodia are open sandals. The sandals are easy to take off and put back on when visiting the temples. A very important tip is that when you visit the temples, it is important that you take off your sandals and then enter. For formal occasions, normal closed shoes can be worn. When you are indoors then rubber flip-flops work best.

The “Secrets” to Travelling to Laos

Laos, the neighboring country of Vietnam, has unspoiled and peaceful beauty, and attracts millions of tourists worldwide to flock to Luang Prabang, where has magnificent temples, palatial Royal Palace Museum, unique Plain of Jar, Vientiane Buddha park....
The “Secrets” to Travelling to Laos
The unspoiled nature in Laos
Laos climate is quite similar to it is in Vietnam, which is divided quite markedly by region. The average temperature ranges from 24 to 33 degrees Celsius.
+ Northern Laos (including Luang Prabang) has similar climate to northern Vietnam with four seasons.
+ Central and southern Laos climates is like its of Central and Central Highlands of Vietnam, but it is more severe in summer (hotter, drier) and heavy rainfall in the rainy season (compared to Vietnam).

The “Secrets” to Travelling to Laos
Dry season in Laos
Places to visit

In Laos, the destination that is worthiest to spend time and money in is the capital of Luang Prabang. Here, you can visit the system of magnificent temples of the ancient capital as Wat Xieng Thong, Wat Visunarath, Wat Mai, Wat Aham, Wat Sene ... and the Vietnamese Phat Tich temple built on the bank of the Mekong ...
Wat Xieng Thong in Luang Prabang, Laos
The temples are located quite close to each other, and are opened from 8am -5pm. If going inside the temple to visit and pray, visitors will be charged a fee.

Xieng Khouang

Xieng Khouang and the mystery of the Plain of Jars are the reasons why tourists around the world want to come here once to discover. Xieng Khuang also attracts tourists all over the world by the unspoiled landscape, pure and primitive nature.

Part 1 : The “Secrets” to Travelling to Laos

Plain of Jars

The Plain of Jars is the famous cultural and historical area that any one coming to Laos would like to come to visit. Located near the city of Kham Muon, on Xieng Khouang plateau, there are thousands of stone jars lying scattered along the field. Archaeologists believe that the jars date back 1,500 to 2,000 years, and, around the plain, there are many mysterious legendary stories without an explanation to satisfy the curios people. Another reason why the Plain of Jars has become famous is that it was the most intense battlefield during the war against American of the three Indochinese countries.

The Plain of Jars, the historic site containing many mysterious stories
Vientiane, the current capital of Laos, is like the most beautiful flower of Dok Champa, and attracts visitors by the simple and peaceful beauty. Pha That Luang is the most sacred temples of Laos, characterized by the architectural style of the Gold plated temple tower commonly found in the nations under the influence of primitive Buddhism. Pha That Luang is opened to welcome tourists on all days of the week, the entrance fee is 5,000 kip ($ 0.65).
Phat That Luang festival
Patuxay is a typical architecture of Vientiane and is located in the northeast end of Lane Xang Avenue. From atop Patuxay, visitors can admire the entire city of Vientiane, especially Patuxai Park and Lane Xang Avenue.
Patuxay , triumphal arches of Laos
Suggestions for travel schedule in Laos are as follows:

From Hanoi:

1. The route of Plain of Jars - Luang Prabang - Vang Vieng - Vientiane. This itinerary takes you only about 5 days to visit. Along with that, you can carry plenty of gifts, traditional crafts, fine arts or brocade with very cheap price from Vientiane to Vietnam.
2. Schedule Hanoi - Na Meo border gate - Sam Nua- Plain of Jars. This schedule takes about 8 days.

From Saigon:

From Ho Chi Minh City, you catch bus to Kon Tum, come to Laos via Bo Y border gate - Phou Keua - Pakse - Vientiane - Luang Prabang - Cau Treo border gate (Highway 8) in Ha Tinh and follow the inland road to return to HCMC. To visit all the sites in the schedule, you need about 9 days, 8 nights.

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Amazing Travel Apps for iPhone

Traveling involves a lot of tough decisions, long before and long after the trip. Despite our best preparations, assistance is needed all along. Since the world has become global with smart phones, we rely more on our gadgets for making these decisions. Despite their limitations, travelers rely more on browsing the internet than purchasing a travel guide for them. In this time, one cannot imagine exploring the world without the help of the various applications available in the e-stores. iPhone has a wide variety of them and they’re free of cost which make them even more appealing.

Let’s take a look at some helpful travel apps for iPhone.

1. YPlan

A lot of things can go wrong and you’d have to alter your plans once traveling to a foreign land. So the next time you arrive in London, with no plans for that night, simple browse YPlan. Their tireless team works round the clock to bring you a huge variety of events happening in and around you, both flashy and secretive ones! If you’ve your mind set on a particular event or party, simply book through the app and be ready to flash your ticket around. With the help of YPlan and the GPS signals on your smart phones, there’s no way you’ll miss out on anything special!

2. TripIt

If you are a frequent jet-setter, it is an absolute must to download this app and make your travel convenient. The app has announced a partnership with Google making it an excellent affiliation. If your e-mail is synced with the app, TripIt saves all your valuable travel plans all in one place. It doesn’t matter where you book from. If you e-mail account is not synced, you can simply send all your details to Because it is free, you might be flooded with a lot of advertisements. Despite that, it is one of the most helpful apps for avid travelers.

3. Kayak

If you’ve used the website before, you’d know how helpful this app is when trotting the globe. Kayak is extremely efficient at what is does, that too by not charging you anything! Whether you want to book a flight for the upcoming travel, car rental deals or a range of hotels, Kayak is an amazing platform. The company aims to make your online travel experience a hassle free one. It is available in 30 countries which makes an excellent assistance for travelers. However, it is important to bear in mind that the hotel deals offered on Kayak might vary a great deal. It is worth looking at various other platforms since Kayak would not always give you the cheapest bargains for your trip. In addition to all the functions mentioned above, with Kayak you have the chance of checking the flight stats as well. What more would a traveler want from an app?

Take a look at these amazing free travel apps for iPhone and make your journey hassle free and exciting!

Exploring the Wonderful Tokyo

Whether you remember the capital of Japan for the spectacular temples or the unique traditions, visiting Tokyo at least once in your lifetime must fall in your bucket list. The city of cherry blossoms is marvelous in every manner and would ensure you have an amazing time.

Traveling to Tokyo can be really pricey during the peak seasons. If you want to travel in style, Corporate Express Travel can look for the most economical Business Class Airfares to Tokyo for you!
Exploring the Wonderful Tokyo 
Let’s begin a journey with the most helpful tips when visiting Tokyo.

1. When to visit

Tokyo is one of the most popular destinations around the globe and despite the diversity in the climate; it is visited all year round. Japan is most visited during the New Year and you’re likely to see all the public places extremely crowded. The rest of January and February are relatively less busy with the advantage of warm and dry weather. April is considered to be the favorite time to visit Japan because of the pleasant weather and the marvelous cherry blossoms blooming everywhere! June gets the most amount of rain in Japan so before you consider visiting, ensure you make prior arrangements. August is one of the hottest and the most humid months, so visiting during this month can turn out to be a torture.

2. Best Experiences

The city is brimming with remarkable sites and it’s worth paying a visit.
The Tsukiji Fish Market is one of the finest in the world and going there before 5 am would help you to grab the finest deals of the market. If you’ve made the effort of visiting, you can’t possibly leave without having the best sushi breakfast. The lively ambiance of the fish market is one of the best ways to shop the fresh catches!

Forget theater, switch to Sumo! Even if you can’t make it to the tournament season, you can always witness the training sessions. It’s surely going to be one of the most thrilling experiences of your lifetime.

The MejiShrine is another delightful site of the city. The outlook might disappoint visitors since the shrine is by no standards flashy and extravagant. However, it is amazing serene and peaceful as you enter inside.

The Shinjuku Gyoen National Park is just one of the beauties of Tokyo. Taking a walk down the gardens is surely magical. The best time to visit would be when the cherry blossoms come alive and make the park vibrant.

3. Getting around in Tokyo

The capital can be accessed through the two airports: Narita Airport and Haneda Airport. In addition, Tokyo has a great network of train, subway and bus. These are operated by various companies. For getting in and around central Tokyo, JR East is the finest option. The JR Yamanote Line is an excellent way to connect to various city centers. 

To save on traveling cost, it is advisable to get Prepaid IC Cards. Although you won’t get discounts on your travel, it is an extremely convenient way to getting in and around Tokyo.

To sum it up, traveling can be costly and with the availability of such a convenient network of transport, you don’t need to waste your efforts on the cab drivers.

4. Some Valuable Tips

Planning to visit Tokyo? To begin with, you must pack light for the trip. Even the coin lockers at the airports can’t support excess baggage, so keep it to the minimal. You’ll be probably surprised to find out, but Tokyo is a cash friendly city, and most restaurants, hotels and shops would only accept cash. Tipping is not considered a favor in Tokyo. Mostly, you’d find a service charge included in the bill. Despite getting modern, the city has not forgotten its traditions. One of these is to carry a small gift wherever you go. Wrapping them in a special manner is a plus!

Experience the Joys of First Class Becoming Affordable

Many of us suffer from the Economy Class Phobia. It is not a wonder where there is hardly any room to breathe and scarce leg space, food that makes you want to leave the flight and cabin crew that considers it a favor having you on the flight. Yes, it can be a nightmarish journey. However, most of us are not even left with an option because of the sky high fares of airlines. Many of us can only dream of flying through the first class of an airline.

Experience the Joys of First Class Becoming Affordable

Hang on; didn’t they say dreams do come true?

Well, maybe they do.

We’ve some splendid news here. First Class becomes affordable!

Yes, you read that right. Now before you tick off yet another item from your bucket list, learn valuable ways through which you can enjoy the benefits of flying first class on an airline without paying a ridiculously high fare for it. Gone are those days when you had to cast an envy eye on anyone speeding the check-in procedure quickly and arrived at the destination fresh and smart. It’s time to turn left instead of right!

1. Give It a Go

Most of us only rummage through the search engines with restricted options. Well, the results are naturally going to be restricted as well. It’s certainly no rocket science. So the next time you begin booking your upcoming flight, do not restrict yourself to the economy class. Trying no way harms and you never know what might be your luckiest hour. Sometimes, you might even end up getting a first class fare with just a $50 difference. Who wouldn’t mind paying that insignificant difference for all the comforts and luxuries?

2. Earn and Use Air Miles

Ever got surprised at a passenger who travels first class every time? Surely there must be something going on. Accumulation of air miles can easily get you there. Become a frequent flier of an airline and learn about the airline policies. Not only does it give you the chance of getting numerous benefits, you also get a chance of earning an upgrade to the finest class of an airline. Airlines are extremely smart when granting any benefits toyour passengers so you’ll have to figure ways of working around with it. Try upgrading the last minute with your air miles, this mostly works in winning an upgrade!

3. Upgrading at Check-In

Even when you hold a ticket in your hand and have packed for your upcoming trip, it is a sin to be hopeless. You still have a chance.

A handful of airlines believe in making their customers feel extra special. Why not use it as a golden ticket? So the next time you approach the airport, casually mention the special occasion you may be traveling for e.g. anniversary, honeymoon, wedding or the like. You have a fair chance of earning the upgrade without paying a dollar for it!

Dressing appropriately creates everlasting impressions everywhere, and this works on airlines too. If you are a loyal customer of the company, or frequently travel for your work, you’ve a good chance of an up gradation.

It’s always worth it to question about the possibility of an upgrade. Since there is a significant profit margin every seat of the first class, no airline would like to incur any loss of it. If they are available, you’ve a possibility of getting yourself one at a minimal price difference. It’s worth trying!

Keep your hopes high and fly with the finest class of the airline because first class becomes affordable now!

The Secretive Day to Get the Cheapest Airfare

Among the numerous wishes we commonly have, buying a cheap airfare most certainly lies in every traveler’s list. And why wouldn’t it be? With everything becoming costlier with the passage of time, many of us find ourselves struggling.

The Secretive Day to Get the Cheapest Airfare

Sitting in your office seat, wandering mind considering the possibility of trip to some far-off spectacular destination… It all seems wondrous until reality kicks in. Yes, the sky high airfares!

Since hardly anyone likes paying them, all of us in our limited capacity struggle to find out ways of working around them. Using air miles, booking ahead of time, opting to travel in the off peak season, eagerly looking for discounted flights around the web, it all sounds very familiar.

However, among them is another leading tactic that many travelers have been trying to get hold of since ages: Finding out the magical day to book the airline ticket.

Wait, is there actually such a thing? Whether you believe in the theories being mentioned below or not, it is worth trying it the next time you book an airfare. Lucky moments don’t come with an announcement, after all!

Let’s find out the best day to buy airline tickets.


Ladies and Gentlemen, here we announce the magical day among all: Tuesday! To be more specific, Tuesday at 3 pm EST, 50-100 days ahead of your flight if the best time to get the cheapest fare.

You might be thinking that has been randomly allocated, but there’s a wise reason behind it. Airlines since quiet sometime have engaged in a never ending customer grabbing race and would go any miles to keep the competition going forward. Most of these competitive airlines reveal theirfares for the week at this time. Since the competition is an extremely nail biting one as no airline would wish to land on the third or fourth page of the search engine, it is worth booking a flight on this day.

The time frame of 50-100 days works around the logic that the seats start filling up later on. Many passengers have worked around this tactic and have managed to save around $100!


Contradicting the theory of Tuesday, some findings have also suggested that Sunday is the most ideal day to grab the best deal. A leading company, Airlines Reporting Corporation has collected stats of all the ticket sales over a period of time. The findings reveal a switch from Tuesday to Sunday.

Let’s try to work around this complicated theory. Executives working at leading airlines would spend a fine weekend relaxing the most they can. Once they head back on Monday, they would be ambitious on increasing their sales instead of discounting them. Why suffer from lower revenues when you can spend the working days earning the best you can?

There’s another fine reason behind this change. We credit social media for various reasons, and this change is just one of them. You don’t have to wait for a Monday to advertise the amazing discounts if you’re an executive, any day would work! Since social media has influenced buyers in so many ways, vacation buyers surfing over the web on the weekend would find this the perfect opportunity to grab the best air fares for themselves.

3. No Day!

Standing miles away from the Sunday-Tuesday conflict, there are many of the users who believe there is no particular day that is guaranteed to get you a cheap fare. Unadvertised sales are everywhere, and you can come across it anytime, especially when you least expect it! Setting up airfare alerts can help you to get around them and stay alerted.

It is a combination of excellent planning and some good luck; you save up on the airline ticket and reserve your funds for some other amazing adventures!

Dhow Cruise To Make Your Dubai Trip Memorable

Dubai is a travel destination that everyone wants to visit at least once in their lifetime. After all, the city has ample to offer to its every visitor. You talk about shopping, food, luxury, adventure, nature, etc, and this city has everything that you would want to enjoy, during your vacation here. While you might have heard about the dessert safari, luxury hotels, exotic food offered in Dubai, there is something new at this city for the visitors and it is Dhow cruise.

Dhow cruise lets you view Dubai in an entirely different way than your imagination. These cruises are designed to give visitors a totally extraordinary party experience. Be sure of getting an interesting combination of superb entertainment with gourmet delights, when you take Dhow cruise Dubai packages. You can either chose to enjoy an exclusive party on the dhows or just indulge in simple delightful dinner with your partner or family on the floating restaurants in it.

What dhow cruise bets to offer to the guests?

Well, there are many things you get to experience, when you take the dhow cruise package. Few of the things from the fun list are:
  • You get to experience a party cruise in charming dessert paradise 
  • Let you live through the cultural and traditional vibe of old times 
  • You are surrounded by colorful decorations and bright lights to cheer up every part of you. 
  • You are offered a glimpse of new Dubai with stunning view of skyscrapers buildings 
  • Food to make every part of your tummy happy 
  • Company of good and likeminded people while holidaying, 
  • Give us a call, and we will treat you to a unique and joyous party time only in Dubai.

How to enjoy the cruise holiday to its best?

Many people who despite of having an exceptional packages fail to enjoy the holiday. You should never do this mistake, especially when you are holidaying on a dhow cruise. Here are few of the tips to enjoy the cruise holiday in the best possible way:

Find the right cruise for you

Dhow cruises arrange party based on many themes like photography, meditation, salsa, wine, cooking etc. Therefore, in order to make your time in the cruise the best time of your life, find a cruise that is themed on your area of interest. If you love photography, then go for photography themed packages. If you love meditation, then go for one that offers such surrounding. You are sure to get likeminded people with same interests like yours.

Choose the right cabin

Cruises have different section for every type of guests. If you can afford one, then go for a private cabin. Even the wine, food, etc, will be delivered to you in the private cabin. If privacy is not something you like, then choose the cabin shared by other people. You will surely enjoy the company of other people in the cruise.

Other tips

  • Forget the worry of water sickness 
  • Mingle with people around 
  • Do not forget to take travel insurance before the holiday 
  • Pack your bags light 

Just forget all your worries and take a holiday on dhow cruises in Dubai. You will surely cherish the memories for the rest of your life.

Summer on Ngoc Vung Island

After more than two hours travelling from the port of Van Don (Cai Rong) to Ngoc Vung, tourists will certainly enjoy the interesting days on a pristine island which is still obscure.

Ngoc Vung island
Ngoc Vung island had many pearl oysters

Ngoc Vung island is located on district of Van Don, Quang Ninh with the total area of about 45 square kilometers. The reason for this name is because, according to the legend, in the old days, this region had many rare species of pearl oysters which are photogenic at night. Today, the pearl farming industry thrives here. In addition, the island has a lot of fresh water so that people can grow rice. Seafood such as crab, shrimp, fish, squid are fed in offshore cages, which help the island residents can be self-sufficient.

While the neighboring islands as Co To, Quan Lan have developed tourism for several years, the name Ngoc Vung is still obscure. The island is thinly populated, the town is small and the island does not have many hostels; therefore, Ngoc Vung is more suitable for the young adventurous people who like camping than for households to go on a trip. The unspoiled island has the only road running along the coast, and the only means of transport- the three-wheeled taxi.

Ngoc Vung island
The only road on Ngoc Vung runs along the coast
The coast stretches almost 3km, is unspoiled, uncrowded and is the most attractive places on the island. The blue water sea, smooth soft white sand and the waves slapping constantly make the young people coming to this land become eager and can not wait to rush into the sea. The beach is as curved as the crescent moon with whispering casuarinas. If you've tired of the waves, you can walk on the soft sand, pick up countless of lovely snails crashed by the waves onto the shore and build the graceful castles from snails.

Ngoc Vung island
It is very interesting to build the castles from snails

To visit and explore this small island with the simple houses, nothing seems to be more enjoyable than a cycling trip. Do not be afraid to enter a house and ask to borrow or rent a bike leaned on the fence because the enthusiastic people are willing to lend you. During the journey wandering the narrow road by the sea, you can rush to any area of the sea, freely play on the deserted beach.

Ngoc Vung island
Riding a bike to explore Ngoc Vung island is an interesting experience

The newly harvested rice fields which still have perfume of straw, ripe jackfruits, the line of longan with young fruits, the children waving to strangers passing the alleys and narrow roads through the village, the dog with dreamy half closed eyes in the siesta,... are the things that visitors will never forget. You can book to have dinner at local people’s house at affordable prices. The dinner is very simple with familiar dishes like sea-acorns soup cooked with Piper lolot, a plate of sneak-head, stirred water spinach, simple but delicious.

Ngoc Vung island
Sea-acorns soup cooked with Piper lolot
Ngoc Vung island at night is peaceful and quiet, with no modern audiovisual equipment, no internet. There is only the moon and the sound of frogs. Sometimes, we caught the some flashing fireflies which make space more fanciful. The days on the island are peaceful and simple. There are ships going to Van Don or returning from Cam Pha port at 7 am every day.

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Cheapest Time and Places to Visit India

There are a lot popular places in India where visitors can reach within a short period and limited budget, in this writing we are talking about popular cheapest visited places in India.

In Himachal Pradesh, Kasol is one of the places where travelers can visit within a minimum budget. It is one of the cheapest places in India.

Pondicherry is another cheapest place which is situated in India, here visitors can stay in Aurobindo Ashram. It provides almost free fooding, lodging facility. So if someone is looking for cheapest visiting place, Pondicherry is good option for him or her.

In Tamilnadu, Kodaikanal is considered one of the cheapest places, where visitors get a wide range options, from Rs 200 to Rs 2000 rooms are available and the price of the food in Kodaikanal is inexpensive even visitors have to pay only Rs 20 to get fried chicken.

Jaipur, another cheapest place, It is also known as Pink City. Jaipur is popular for historical sites, just like real estate agents in Pune, Jaipur real-estate agents are offering inexpensive hotels, apartments.

Varanasi, one of the spiritual places in India, is considered one of the economical visiting places. Pious and religious people are always willing to visit Varanasi. Devotees can take shelter in Hindu ashrams but visitors can also avail affordable guest house, hotel etc.

Ajanta, Ellora, one of the most remarkable visiting places in India. It is also economical place where travelers have to spend limited money to visit these two caves. Willing visitors can contact property dealers in Pune in order to get a low cost guest house.

Features of the house: 

Recently the demand of the housing complex is changing, now people are looking for new trendy design which has been equipped with modern facilities, so considering their demand, property dealers in Pune are trying to fulfill their desire as much as they can. Generally 2BHK, 3BHK rooms flat with attached bathroom, drawing cum dining and kitchen is available.

The architectural design of the house is bit different, its unique design, trendy look make the housing apartment more beautiful. These types of building are normally seen in London or USA. But if someone is searching low budget housing complex, real estate agents in Pune are able to show it. Apart from economical apartments, buyers are able to obtain luxury house also, it can be single storey or multi storey building. Swimming pool, car garage, water body, garden, lawn, park, everything would be included with it and enjoyed by the house owners.

Builder’s profile: 

Property dealers in Pune are famous for their customer support services. But most of the builders behind the building constructions are working more than 30 to 40 years. Paranjape Schemes Construction Limited, Kolte Patil Developers Limited, Goel Ganga Group, D S Kulkarni Developers Limited (DSK), Marvel Realtors, Rohan Group are the reputed builders company. Their working experience, dedication, and loyalty are helping them to leave a prominent impression in the real estate market.


Therefore, if someone is planning to get detail information about the housing complex and residential places, real estate agents are the best, real estate agents in Pune are able to inform the willing visitors about the convenient residential places, so in order to get essential information about property dealing real estate agents and property dealers are resourceful person and expert guiders.

Tips & Tricks for Naples's International Airport

Naples international airport is the international airport that serves Naples, divided in 2 terminals. Terminal 1 is used for departures and terminal 2 mostly used for charter actions. The second terminal is situated pretty far away from airfield.

In 2014, almost 6 million people have set foot in Naples airport, about 9% more passengers than in 2013.

The airport provides a serial of facilities, such as:

  1. Help desk
  2. Conference and business facilities
  3. Found and lost
  4. Car parking
  5. Eating and drinking
  6. Financial facilities
  7. Communication facilities
  8. Luggage
  9. Shopping
  10. Facilities for disabled travellers

Help desk-their customer service desks are open from 05:30 to 23:30, being located on the ground floor at Arrivals. Tourist, flight and airport information services are provided here, as well as porter and VIP services.

Conferences and business facilities- the airport has a center that provides services such as internet, PC, Office, copying, faxing, photocopying, videoconferencing and scanning. Meetings can be kept here if a request is made in advanced. They will also provide catering and various executive services.

Found and Lost- in the eventuality you misplaces your baggage or you simply lost it, you must go to the Lost & Found office where they may ask you to activate the mobile text message service. Through this service the airport will keep you up to date with any possible leads.

Car parking- the airport has over 1.400 spots available. With six car parks spaces, from P1 to P6, you will have to choose the one suitable for your needs. For long-term parking P1 is your friend and P2, P3, P4 and P6 are for short-term parking, while P5 provides a car valet parking service.

Eating and drinking- whether you want a whole dish or only a snack, Naples International Airport can offer you great food. The same goes for café bars, which are quite a few. Considering you are still in Italy you must try their espresso.

Financial facilities and communication- a post office and a bank are situated near Terminal 1. ATMs and currency change bureau are placed in both Arrivals and Departures inside Terminal 1. As for communication tools there are 4 internet points with keyboards, webcams and monitors. These are located on the first floor and in the Departures lounge.

Shops- stores are situated on the first floor of Terminal 1, in the Galleria Napoli. Near the check in area there is a gifts and newsagent shop.

Facilities for disabled people- many things have changed around the airport, being equipped with ramps, lifts, crossing with sound signals for visual impaired travellers and wide pavements.

Getting to and from the airport can be done by using public transportation, such as buses and trams. Your more comfortable option would be taking advantage of the Naples Airport Transfer. Making a prior call and a reservation will get you a car waiting for you at the airport to pick you up and take you to your hotel. For the round trips, you pay a little more, but on the day of your departure, the car will give you a lift to the airport.

Faster and easy, Naples Airport Transfer is an excellent choice.

Phnom Penh Travel Guides

Phnom Penh is a capital of Cambodia. It is located at the junction of 3 major rivers named Tonle Sap River, Bassac and Mekong River, which creates convenient conditions to access to Cambodia wonderful landscapes.

Royal Palace

The beautiful landscapes of Phnom Penh

Although Phnom Penh is not a completely-traveling city, it has some famous sights such as the Royal Palace near Mekong River, Independence Monument, Wat Preah Morakat, and Silver Pagoda. The positions of these tourist attractions are quite close to each other so that visitors can spend half a day visiting all the places.

Independent Monument

Ticket to tourist attractions: Royal Palace - Silver Pagoda ($6 / person), The National Museum of Cambodia ($3 / person), Wat Phnom ($1/ person), Independence Monument (free tour), Toul Sleng Genocide Museum S-21 ($2 / person)

Silver Pagoda

To understand more about Cambodia history, especially Phnom Penh, tourists should visit places associated with the Pol Pot regime such as the Tuol Sleng Museum and Choeung Ek (Killing Fields). In addition, the Tuol Svay Prey High School is another place to visit on a trip to the city of Phnom Penh. During the war, the Tuol Svay Prey High School was considered as a prison of Pol Pot troops. They used it for the purpose of detention, arrest and torture.

Tuol Sleng Museum


Popular transportation in Phnom Penh is motorcycle taxis and tuk tuk. If tuk tuk is associated with tour package in Siem Reap, it is hired in different locations in Phnom Penh. However, tourists can negotiate the price of tuk tuk. Normally, visitors would have to pay 3-5 dollars to travel around the monuments in Phnom Penh.

Tuk tuk


About residence, Phnom Penh has two crowded areas attracting international tourists, which are Boeng Kak Lake and Sisowath Quay. Boeng Kak Lake is located far from the center of Phnom Penh so the evening is a bit sad, but room rates are quite cheap, just under 10 dollars. Sisowath Quay is is located in the center of the city, near shopping attractions, room rates range from $ 10-25 / room.

Besides, tourists can choose the hotels cleaner and more tidy which will have room rates from $15 to $ 25 / 1 night. It is suggested that visitors should book rooms in advance through travel agents or travel websites when having an intention of visiting Phnom Penh so that you can make your holiday season more active and get rid of unexpected risks.

Markets and Cambodian traditional food

Almost all of the markets in Phnom Penh are divided into locations for selling different food, so visitors can experience lots of delicious food, especially Cambodian traditional food. There are some foods tourists should try in Phnom Penh such as the food from insects, Prahok, Phnom Penh noodles, duck eggs (Pong tea khon), Angkor beer, palm wine ... The average price per meal in Phnom Penh ranges from 5-8 USD.

Cambodian food from insects

If visitors want to buy souvenirs for family members or friends, Sorya shopping centers, markets Russia (Russian Market), Central Market (Central Market), fair in Phnomp Penh Night are ideal choices.

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Son Doong Cave - The World's Largest Caves

Son Doong, the biggest cave in the world, is considered the thumbnail planet that has its own river, jungle and climate. It’s over 5.5 m long, 200 m high and 150 m wide. Surprisingly, It could fit a 40-story-skycraper within its walls.

Although having been discovered by a local man, it was first explored in 2009 by the British Cave Research Association and opened to the public since 2013. 

Imagine that you are trekking into the depths of the world’s largest cave like nowhere else. Experience the unique beauty of the one-of-a-kind caves in the world.

The small and dense misty entrance where the cool air inside meets the hot cir outside. The moving clouds of mist makes its own magical atmosphere

The incredible river flows into the cave

The Garden of Edam where monkeys and flying foxes awaits your discovery

  The roof of the cave

The intriguing waterfall in the Son Doong Cave

The collection of cave pearls - how amazing it is!

The water drips down, dries up and leaves layers of calcite crystals on grains of sand

Discover everything inside, feel the extraordinary beauty and let your mind Vietnam travel through the majestic world!

Save Money to Enjoy Your Life after Retirement

There are many ways and tips for saving money for retirement, below find a few tips

1. Put money aside in an individual retirement bank account
You can contribute on a regular basis, say monthly and save the cash on IRA individual retirement account. There are two options, the legacy traditional IRA and ROTH, the tax you attract depends on the option you select. The cash you contribute will be availed to you once you retire.

2. Save your money and invest wisely
It’s important to save money on a regular basis and invest in good investment schemes that will protect you from inflation. There are various ways to invest the money such as pension schemes, equity finds among others. It’s advisable to invest in a wide array of investment options so that you are protected in case one option does not perform well or goes down altogether. This is one of the strategies employed to reduce risk and protect your investment.

3. Never withdraw your retirement savings
Once you have kept money aside on a retirement scheme, it’s advisable not to withdraw the money. Withdrawal from such a scheme will attract taxes and you may lose out on any interest earned as well as attract heavy penalties. If you change from one job to another, leave your money with the current scheme or transfer the money to a similar scheme that will protect you from losing out on the accrued benefits. You can request your current employer whether it’s possible to transfer your saving from your previous employer.

4. Take advantage of tax exceptions
There are many tax exemptions available. Sign up in a scheme that allows you to take advantage of such tax benefits. You can contact the child tax credit helpline for more details about such tax credits.

5. Start saving early
The earlier you start saving the more money you will accumulate. If you start saving at the tender age of 20’s, by the time you retire, you will have accumulated a good amount of money compared to someone who has started saving in their 40’s. It’s also imperative that you save a good amount of cash and increase the amount cash you contribute as with years to take care of value for money and inflation.

6. Take advantage of your employer’s pension scheme
make sure that you sign up for a pension scheme where you work and learn how it operates, maximize the amount of money you can contribute to ensure that you will leap more benefits.

7. Estimate the amount of money you will require during your retirement.
When you have an estimated figure of the amount of money you may use during the retirement period, you will be in a better position to contribute adequately towards your retirement.

8. Education
it’s imperative to attend seminars, and workshops that will educate you on how to save more and invest in lucrative businesses that will boost your retirement savings. There are various online resources that can also guide you on the best way to invest wisely. In addition, there are many books available to guide you on the best way to plan and contribute towards your retirement.

There is another very good option is to invest the money in Malaysia where the growth rate is still quite high compare to other Asian countries (excluding India and China). Moreover, you can stay there for the rest of the life and enjoy the beauty of Malaysia with your family and loved ones.

Top 4 Attractive Coffee Shops In Hue

Vi Da Xua

You can taste all the royal Vietnamese tea here. This well known tea-house is delightful venue for coffee, tea and other drinkable treats. Tasting a cup of coffee whist listening to the birds’ singing and watching the flowers getting in bloom. With the ancient style of garden house and unique architecture surroundings, Vy Da Xua is expected to bring you the most traditionally composed coffee.

Address: 131 Nguyen Sinh Cung, Hue, Vietnam

Nam Giao Hoai Co Coffee

Tranquil atmosphere, truly refreshing moments, great tea and flavourful coffee offer you the ideal place to break yourself. From the outside, it looks like the “bonsai” garden with variety of trees, which is different from the coffee shops in the modern cities of Vietnam.

Address: 321 Dien Bien Phu Street, Hue City

Greatio Corner

Unlike the ancient coffee shops in Hue, Greatio Corner is the space for teenagers. Designed in active style that suitable for the young, it lets you indulge into the paradise-like house with the colourful pillow, the flower-walls with many nice pictures hanging on. Can’t wait to check-in here.

Address: 97 Truong Chinh, Hue City


As its name, the café shop in the French style in the heart of Hue, Paris attracts many people come here to get the extraordinary feelings among the ancient city. Located next to Trang Tien Bridge and the Perfume River, Paris offers the gentle style as a French-style mansion to show off the simplicity and peacefulness. For those looking for the tranquil place to feel the quiet rhythms in life, you can choose a sit beside windows and nurture your soul by the slow music.

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