Earning Flying Returns Mileage Points on Air India Flights

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Airlines offer frequent flyer programs to passengers as a reward for their loyalty for flying with the airline. Flying Returns is the frequent flyer program (FFP) of Indian national carrier – Air India. Passengers can enrol in this program by filling out the online form, as given on its website. On successful enrolment, the passenger would get a nine-digit number, which will be the virtual membership card. Children from 2 to 12 years of age are child members and those above 12 years are adult members. Earning mileage points on Flying Returns membership is possible not only for Air India flights, but is also valid on air services offered by Star Alliance members, codeshare partners and participating airlines.

Earning Flying Returns Mileage Points on Air India Flights

Earning Miles on Air India Flights

For earning miles on Air India flights, passengers are required to quote their nine-digit membership number at the time of making bookings. Base points are first calculated on the footing of sector and cabin class of travel. These base points are determined on the distance flown and not on the amount of ticket fare. These are then multiplied by a certain accrual percentage, which varies according to fare classes of cabin and whether flight is domestic or international.

The highest accrual percentage on the base points is of 300 for F fare class of First Class cabin travel. Next is 250 percent for A fare category of First Class cabin. Business Class travellers are offered 110, 150, 175, 200 and 250 percent for Z, J, D and C classes of fares, respectively. Accrual percentages are same for domestic and international Air India flights for First and Business class travellers.

However, in the Economy class, some fare categories have different accrual percentages for domestic and international flights, such as Y, B, H and W categories. Y and B have 100 percent for domestic and 125 percent for international flights. H has 75 and 100, and W has 50 and 75 percent for domestic and international flights, respectively. Accrual percentage is 100 for M; 75 for K, Q and V; 50 for G, L and U; 25 for T and S; and 10 for E fare categories.

The mileage points can be claimed retrospectively as well. This can be done till six months from the date of travel.

On Other Airlines
Accruals are also possible when flying with 26 Star Alliance members. These vary according to the cabin and fare class as well. Air India provides accrual charts for knowing how much would be earned when flying with a particular airline. It generally takes about a month for these points to appear in frequent flyer mileage account. Passengers must quote their Flying Returns number while making reservations and during check-in. Besides the Star Alliance members, points can also be accrued on codeshare Air India flights. These are calculated on the basis of sector of travel and cabin class. These flights are the ones which have a 4-digit flight number only. It is noteworthy that points can only be accrued and not redeemed on these flights. Also, the account will not show these automatically. Passengers are required to send their ticket jacket and boarding passes to Member Service Centre for credit of miles.

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