Tips To Be At Your Best in Hospitality and Customer Service

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Customer service and good hospitality is something that can make a customer happy. Even if a customer is not happy with a particular product or service, you can make it up to him with good customer service and it will make the customer come back again. 

Customers understand that people on the other side of the desk are also human beings and can make mistakes, but if you are too arrogant or rude not to accept the mistake and not offer an apology, it will not only be a loss of one customer, but many because the same customer will advise his friends and relatives about the service of your company and this will hamper your company’s reputation and goodwill. That is why you will see big companies spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on good hospitality and customer. So, how exactly will you be able to make sure that the customer service is up to the mark and would make the customer feel good about the experience with your company? Let’s find out.

Welcoming with a smile

A smile can go a long way to making a customer happy. It can be for a product, a service or anything else. Suppose you have booked a room in a hotel and you have just arrived there. When the receptionist smiles and asks you about the room you have booked and your name and other details, that sticks in your mind for a long time. This is the best way to make sure that the customer remains happy. Steve Farzam is one of the most successful Chief Operating Officer who teaches the tips and tricks of hospitality and impressive customer service. Creating a warm atmosphere with the customer is one of the basics of good hospitality and you will get to master it when you are with this person. It is not always the interior decoration or the way you setup your office that counts. Customers want to be noticed and responded in quick time. If you can ensure that your customer representatives are doing well with the greeting and initial approach to the customer, then your company is going in the right way with hospitality and customer service.

Regular training

If you want to master the art of customer, you will have to get good training. This will help you become experienced with the job and there will hardly be any chance of faltering in front of the customer. There are various agencies that provide professional training on hospitality and customer service. Be it for a food and beverage bartender or security officer or room attendant or bell person or guest service supervisor or house person or guest service agent, you will get thorough training on what your duty will be and how you should focus on the customer service. It is important to understand that customer service is not just the after sale service. It is everything starting from the point a customer arrives till the product is used or consumed.

Quick response

No customers want to wait in a queue before being served. One of the most important parts of customer service is prompt response. When you are undergoing a training course for customer service and hospitality, you will see that the training will revolve around this point. However, different companies have different hours of customer service. If you are in a hotel business, then you should have 24/7 service available. A ring from any of the room will get displayed on your counter and you need to respond immediately even if it is the break of dawn or the dead of night. If you are in a call center job, you must pick up the call of the customer within a couple of seconds. Ideally, there should be flexible working hours for all guest customer service agents so that it becomes easier to serve customers in the best possible way. This will also help the agents to take some rest before going back to work. You can also have different shifts for different agents. One of the main reasons why this is done is to keep them ready all the time without getting tired. If a person works for 16-18 hours a day, he may not be able to provide the same kind of service towards the end of his shift. This is quite natural and can easily be done away with by changing the shifts.

Appreciating customer’s request

When customers need service, they want it as early as possible. But, if you see that it is taking more time than usual, you need to be at your best hospitality ever. Assure them that it would not be long and how important the service must be for the customer. Small talks of reassurance are something that can prove to be really helpful. For customers who have been waiting for a long time, you can offer some complimentary service and tell them that it is on the house and they would not have to pay anything for it. In this way, the customer feels that you are doing your best and will also be happy with the complimentary service that he gets. Customers love it when they get anything for free and if you can make the customer happy with a small token of appreciation, then there is nothing like it.


When you are in customer service and hospitality sector, you need to work in a team. The better the teamwork, the better service you will be able to offer. When you have a team full of enthusiastic employees, the service would automatically improve. If you attend the classes of Steve Farzam, you will find that he emphasizes more on team play rather than individual performance. It may happen that someone is having a bad day at work. This can be covered if another team member handles the situation professionally. So, if you want to be good at customer service, you need to be a team player first.


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