8 reasons why you should travel to Cambodia immediately

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If you haven't chosen the ideal destination for the upcoming summer yet, I will recommend you to travel to Cambodia. Why don't I suggest other attractive tourist spots to you? Find out the answer with 7 reasons why you should travel to Cambodia now below.

1. Cheap cost to travel to Cambodia

To travel to Cambodia, it doesn't take you much time to consider your budget. There is no need to save your money all year long to travel abroad.

It is quite cheap to travel in Cambodia by tuk tuk
The sum of money you must spend to rent a single room is inconsiderable (about 10$ per night). If you choose a dorm room, it's much cheaper. Besides, the price of street foods and expenses for commuting or shopping are also reasonable. Just need to prepare some change to take a bus.

2. Angkor Wat - the famous destination in the world

If I must give a reason for the travel to Cambodia, the first one I think of is certainly Angkor Wat. This is a must-see place in this Southeast Asian country.

The sunset scene seen from Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat is a historical site of the ancient Khmer dynasty from 9th to 15th century, surrounded by a thick forest. This temple is world-renowned for its unique architecture and ancient Khmer culture. Having a chance to travel to Cambodia, you shouldn't miss enjoying sunset glow from Angkor Wat.

3. Many appealing tourist attractions

Don't think about the travel to Cambodia with only Angkor Wat. There are still many other appealing places for you to discover. Besides Phnom Penh - the capital city, you can also come to nearby cities.

There are many tourist spots in Cambodia waiting for you
It's a little difficult to move since roads are bumpy but the price is highly attractive. In addition, you will have interesting experiences when admiring the view of scenery along the road. Numerous destinations are waiting for you to explore all day.

4. The beauty of Tonle Sap Lake

Tonle Sap is the biggest freshwater lake in the Southeast Asia. It is also known as the most important lake in Cambodia.
Tonle Sap Lake - The biggest lake in Southeast Asia
Besides being a famous tourist spot of Siem Riep, Tonle Sap Lake brings the abundant fisheries source. It has been recognized as the biosphere reserves of the world by UNESCO since 1997.

5. Stunning food

The discovery of street food is what cannot be overlooked during the travel to Cambodia. Diverse and delicious, Cambodia food is irresistible in foreign tourists' eyes.

Weird street food in Cambodia
You might be scared of local dishes of Cambodia like vole meat, spider, snake or cricket...But they are weird and tasty at the same time. Especially, don't forget to taste the traditional Khmer cuisine with unique dishes.

6. Friendly citizens

Cambodians are very friendly and sociable with international tourists. They always smile, talk and willing to take a photo with you if you want. No matter where you go, you will be welcomed with open arms.

7. Unforgettable experiences with locals

Cambodia is an agricultural country, so 75% of residents live on farming. The natural landscape and culture of Cambodia, therefore, still maintain the primitiveness of traditional agriculture.

8 reasons why you should travel to Cambodia immediately
Experiencing the life of farmers in travel to Cambodia is really interesting
Coming here, you will have the opportunities to enjoy the open space of rivers and rice paddies.

8. A peaceful country

This country is always on the top list of the safest nations. During your travel to Cambodia, you needn't worry about the safety, for example, fraud or theft. Though you are female and travel alone, Cambodia always brings the sense of safety and tranquility to you.

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