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Introverts are discriminated even in the most developed parts of the globe in various fields of life. No matter how much the human race has advanced, it is still considered an extrovert’s world. There are many misconceptions when it comes to introverts; either they are considered anti-social or snobs. None of this is true. Introverts are as normal as any other human being. The only thing that makes them appear so different is their approach towards life. This is true when it comes to traveling too!

Because their approach to traveling is quite different from others, commuting to a foreign land can come very challenging for them. As an introvert traveler, it is best for you to escape the world of stereotypes and embrace your journey soon. Here are some of the best tips for introvert travelers.

1. Do the Destination Search
This is the most important element when you’re trying to plan a trip to a distant land. The destination you choose will have a huge impact on your experiences so it is advisable to spend some time choosing the best one for yourself. Plan your itinerary so that you have realistic expectations from the destination you’re traveling to. Every place on this globe is distinct and no matter how amazing they may be, some are just not meant for you. Do your homework before you end up in a pool of awkwardness!

2. Pick the Aisle Seat
Many of us feel claustrophobic inside a plane. No wonder the introverts feel it too. It gets even more bothersome when there is barely any space to move with someone a bit too interested in trying to engage in a conversation. This might make an introvert traveler anxious. In order to escape this miserable situation, it is best for you to pick up the aisle seat. Although you’d still be stuck with a group of people, at least you would still have some space to get up whenever you wish.

3. Carry a Travel Journal
Many a times, it gets almost impossible for introverts to connect with people around them because hardly anyone can relate to their thoughts and feelings. Because traveling is a fulfilling experience where you need to share plenty of feelings and thoughts along the way, it is advisable to carry a pocket size travel journal whenever you can. In this way, you can pour all your thoughts whenever you feel like. 

4. Don’t Forget Your Hobbies
The most important thing that the introverted travelers must remember is that they can always be themselves even when they’re in a distant land. You can keep your hobbies alive and do whatever pleases you. For instance, if you have a love for painting or photographing, a foreign land gives you a new environment where you can polish your skills. Do not stop doing what makes you happy!

As an introvert, it is a must to build your courage and face the world. Traveling is an amazing way of letting go of yourself and experiencing joys like never before.

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