Travel Tips: What to Wear in Cambodia

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Cambodia remains extremely hot all around the year but the area does have frequent rainfalls. The rainy season is usually in the time of June till October. Besides these months the temperature remains to be warm.

When planning to visit another country, there are several factors to keep in mind. One should be well aware about the cultural elements, the climate, socially accepted norms and the overall cost of the trip.

When it comes to packing the right clothes for a trip, people should do some research about the country’s culture first! The culture will define what type of clothes to take along. Cambodia is a very conservative country but the local people are accepting tourism happily.

However the country has strong beliefs about modesty so here are few tips for clothing items that are weather appropriate and culturally accepted. Tourists should always respect the cultural elements of another country.

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Clothing Tips for Cambodia

Clothes for Men in Cambodia

Many parts of Cambodia have accepted shorts to be worn by men while some places do not accept it. For general touring of the temples and walking around town, men can wear shorts and a shirt. Since the weather is warm, people in Cambodia allow men to wear shorts rather than trousers.

During the day men can wear shorts, but at night tourists are expected to be dressed a little more formal. So even if you are visiting the same place or temple, you should wear trousers with a long or short sleeved button-up shirt.

Also when you will wear shorts, make sure you put on an insect repellent because there are a lot of mosquitoes in some places of Cambodia. Also apply plenty of sunscreen and wearing a hat would protect you from the sun.

Clothes for Women in Cambodia

Since the weather is hot, women should pack clothes made from light fabrics like linen and cotton. These fabrics will keep you cool during the hot weather. Also the local people do not like women wearing spaghetti-strapped tops. Locals will feel offended and disrespected, so wear a t-shirt or blouse. In formal settings you can wear a long dress which is socially accepted. During the day jeans and long skirts can be worn by women.

Footwear to be worn in Cambodia

The best types of shoes to be worn in Cambodia are open sandals. The sandals are easy to take off and put back on when visiting the temples. A very important tip is that when you visit the temples, it is important that you take off your sandals and then enter. For formal occasions, normal closed shoes can be worn. When you are indoors then rubber flip-flops work best.

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