Apsara and the Traditional Dances of Cambodia

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Coming to Cambodia, you can easily encounter the beautiful young women dancing Apsara dance in ancient temples, rivers and magnificent palaces.

Apsara is cloudy and water fairies in folklore. When they had fun and danced, plants, animals grow, multiply, so the people of Cambodia has adhered Apsara is the Goddess of Prosperity. The most beautiful fairies were Uvasi, Menaka, Ramba and Tilotama, who often appeared in many works of poetry, music, painting of Cambodia. They were masters of the forbidden palaces, and they danced to congratulate the gods in the parties to celebrate the victory against devil. Each time, there were up to 26 fairies dancing.
A Apsara fairy in the folklore
Learning from mysterious dance movements of celestial maidens, Cambodians have created Apsara maidens dance which is performed in holidays praising the virtues of the gods and the Royal. Dances over the centuries has become royal dances, and then the familiar dance of the pretty young women in the holidays, festivals and weddings.

This is the classical, gentle dance, is renowned for its elegance, nobility, with the postures, gentle gestures. So far, Apsara dance has been Cambodian national property and soul. The one who had merit in the conservation and development of Apsara dance was Princess Buppha Devi. She danced since she was at the age of 8 in the Palace, and introduced the White Fairy dance to the world.
Apsara dance is now famous all worldwide thanks to the merit of Princess Buppha Devi
Born at least 2,000 years ago, the first image of the dance was seen on many decorative plaques, on the city wall and hundreds of meters long trench in the ancient temples of Cambodia, like Angkor, as well as in many religious buildings throughout the country.
The image of Apsara dance could be found in the ancient temples
The postures, movements, the curve of the arm and body of the dancers, as well as costumes decorated with gold, silver, pearls, flowers in this dance are derived from the figures of the ancient temple, depicting India Ramayana epic or the fight between the devil and the God to gain the bottle of Elixir of life containing 100 suggestive and meaningful rhythms.

Through the dance, Cambodian people want to express their dream of a life of peace, prosperity, praise the beauty of the country’s nature, the divine and the merit of the ancestor. Also, they are the touching stories of the birth, disease, old age, death- four life stages that any one must go through, so that the next generations can understand, contemplate and preserve the tremendous cultural and spiritual values of the country.
The costumes of the dancers are decorated with many precious jewelry and gemstone
Each year, thanks to the Royal patronage, Apsara artists go on tour everywhere. To maintain and develop this traditional dance, the art groups regularly go to secondary and high school to recruit the little girls, especially orphans or poor students to teach them the dance. Girls of 8-9 years old are taught this dance and exercise in schools, palaces, learn to perform the attractive posture and movements, especially dance with flexible hand and leg. Every afternoon, the girls go to the temples, reliefs to play, perform Apsara dance, which attracts many visitors to admire.
The dancers of Apsara nowadays not only dance in the temples, Palace, but also in hotels, theater…
Currently, apart from performing the dance to serve the Royal, about 300 Apsara dancers perform in hotels, motels and Chatomuk theater near the Palace in the boisterous music with vibrant, graceful costumes.

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