48 Hours in Battambang

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Located in the West of Cambodia, Battambang is a restful respite from the hustle and bustle of Phnom Penh and Siem Riep. This is a must-go destination in your Cambodian trip.

The city possesses the rich architectural heritage with more than 100 ancient Khmer, Thai and French colonial buildings as well as several hundred-year old temples and pagodas. Battambang was rewarded City of Performing Arts by UNESCO.
City of Performing Arts 
There are so many wonderful things about this pastoral city. We would suggest you a two-day Battambang tour in your journey to Cambodia.

In the early morning, you will be awakened by the tinkling of the carriages which carry goods, mainly vegetables into the city. Battambang is so serene at that time with the miraculous sunrise over the river in the light fog. You can explore the city by tuk-tuk, bicycle or on foot to watch some of Indochina’s best preserved colonial era architecture and many stone statues of Kings, General, famous characters in history and the Gods of legend along the streets. The yellow golden shower trees that you can see everywhere in Battambang make the city become more bright and vibrant under the radiant sun.
Battambang Street 
In the afternoon, you can either choose a cooking class or try a completely new feeling with Bamboo Train. In your journey in Battambang, you should not miss a Bamboo Train (Norry) ride which is unique and interesting form of ad-hoc transport. A Bamboo Train comprises of open-air small motorcycle engine-powered bamboo cart. It moves along the railway tracks, pick up the passengers, together with cargo and animals and drop them off at their requested stop. The most special thing about this type of transport is its flexibility. It can be disassembled and taken off the rails when two trains face each other. This popular mean of conveyance now becomes fascinating experience for tourist. It costs more than $5 per person.
Bamboo Train 
For those who are interested in Cambodian cuisine, cooking lesion which provides the longest-running cooking class in Cambodia is the best option. The Smoking’s Pot is found by the chef Vannak Robie who has impressively passionate about Cambodian food. The price is only $10 for a half-day which is inexpensive price for wonderful experience, tasting some mouthwatering dishes and a copy of a cookbook containing 12 of the restaurant’s best recipes. There is another cooking class Nary Kitchen which is taught by Ms. Nary which is about 2 and a half hour including market trip.
Smoking's Pot 
When the sun gets closer to the horizon, the yellow color of golden shower trees and the mossy roofs are replaced by colorful of electric lights. You can go for a stroll along the tortuous Sankae River which has wide range of stores and restaurants. You can find here some lovely souvenirs or just experience the tranquility of a truly Cambodian life.
Sankae River 
The next day is the day to visit historical and religious sites in Battambang. There is an array of historically ancient pagodas and temples in Battambang. All of them are considered as masterpiece with beautiful architecture. In the town, you might visit Wat Tahm Rei Saw or White Elephant Pagoda with nearly 90% of original design ornamented with picturesque paintings and Wat Kandal – the wooden temple with decorative carvings. Taking a short distance from Battambang are Wat Ek Phnom with the giant Buddha statue; the “Ruined Ruin” Wat Baset; Phnom Banan which is in the top of a hilling providing sweeping overview of Battambang and Sangkar River; sandstone tower Prasart Stueng and Phnom Sampeou – the magnificent hilltop pagoda complex with “Killing Cave”.
Battambang Temple 
Used to be the largest granary in the Cambodia, you will definitely regret if you do not explore the incredible surrounding countryside with splendid rice paddy and idyllic village scenery. Standing in the immense fields of lush green color spreading to the horizon, you will feel deeply peaceful and pure, stay away from the boisterous and dusty urban areas. Besides, you might visit Kamping Pouy Basin which is vitally important to Battambang’s agriculture. In the summer, the basin is filled of the splendid of lotus and its pervading scent.
Kamping Pouy Basin 
Two days might be not enough to explore this beautiful city but still bring unforgettable memories in your tour in Cambodia. You can combine to discover other destinations as Battambang is nestled between many far-famed tourist attractions such as the Banteay Meanchey Province in the North, the Cardamom Mountains in the South, Tonle Sap and Pursat in the East and the land of millions smiles – Thailand in the West.

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