The Secretive Day to Get the Cheapest Airfare

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Among the numerous wishes we commonly have, buying a cheap airfare most certainly lies in every traveler’s list. And why wouldn’t it be? With everything becoming costlier with the passage of time, many of us find ourselves struggling.

The Secretive Day to Get the Cheapest Airfare

Sitting in your office seat, wandering mind considering the possibility of trip to some far-off spectacular destination… It all seems wondrous until reality kicks in. Yes, the sky high airfares!

Since hardly anyone likes paying them, all of us in our limited capacity struggle to find out ways of working around them. Using air miles, booking ahead of time, opting to travel in the off peak season, eagerly looking for discounted flights around the web, it all sounds very familiar.

However, among them is another leading tactic that many travelers have been trying to get hold of since ages: Finding out the magical day to book the airline ticket.

Wait, is there actually such a thing? Whether you believe in the theories being mentioned below or not, it is worth trying it the next time you book an airfare. Lucky moments don’t come with an announcement, after all!

Let’s find out the best day to buy airline tickets.


Ladies and Gentlemen, here we announce the magical day among all: Tuesday! To be more specific, Tuesday at 3 pm EST, 50-100 days ahead of your flight if the best time to get the cheapest fare.

You might be thinking that has been randomly allocated, but there’s a wise reason behind it. Airlines since quiet sometime have engaged in a never ending customer grabbing race and would go any miles to keep the competition going forward. Most of these competitive airlines reveal theirfares for the week at this time. Since the competition is an extremely nail biting one as no airline would wish to land on the third or fourth page of the search engine, it is worth booking a flight on this day.

The time frame of 50-100 days works around the logic that the seats start filling up later on. Many passengers have worked around this tactic and have managed to save around $100!


Contradicting the theory of Tuesday, some findings have also suggested that Sunday is the most ideal day to grab the best deal. A leading company, Airlines Reporting Corporation has collected stats of all the ticket sales over a period of time. The findings reveal a switch from Tuesday to Sunday.

Let’s try to work around this complicated theory. Executives working at leading airlines would spend a fine weekend relaxing the most they can. Once they head back on Monday, they would be ambitious on increasing their sales instead of discounting them. Why suffer from lower revenues when you can spend the working days earning the best you can?

There’s another fine reason behind this change. We credit social media for various reasons, and this change is just one of them. You don’t have to wait for a Monday to advertise the amazing discounts if you’re an executive, any day would work! Since social media has influenced buyers in so many ways, vacation buyers surfing over the web on the weekend would find this the perfect opportunity to grab the best air fares for themselves.

3. No Day!

Standing miles away from the Sunday-Tuesday conflict, there are many of the users who believe there is no particular day that is guaranteed to get you a cheap fare. Unadvertised sales are everywhere, and you can come across it anytime, especially when you least expect it! Setting up airfare alerts can help you to get around them and stay alerted.

It is a combination of excellent planning and some good luck; you save up on the airline ticket and reserve your funds for some other amazing adventures!

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