Summer on Ngoc Vung Island

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After more than two hours travelling from the port of Van Don (Cai Rong) to Ngoc Vung, tourists will certainly enjoy the interesting days on a pristine island which is still obscure.

Ngoc Vung island
Ngoc Vung island had many pearl oysters

Ngoc Vung island is located on district of Van Don, Quang Ninh with the total area of about 45 square kilometers. The reason for this name is because, according to the legend, in the old days, this region had many rare species of pearl oysters which are photogenic at night. Today, the pearl farming industry thrives here. In addition, the island has a lot of fresh water so that people can grow rice. Seafood such as crab, shrimp, fish, squid are fed in offshore cages, which help the island residents can be self-sufficient.

While the neighboring islands as Co To, Quan Lan have developed tourism for several years, the name Ngoc Vung is still obscure. The island is thinly populated, the town is small and the island does not have many hostels; therefore, Ngoc Vung is more suitable for the young adventurous people who like camping than for households to go on a trip. The unspoiled island has the only road running along the coast, and the only means of transport- the three-wheeled taxi.

Ngoc Vung island
The only road on Ngoc Vung runs along the coast
The coast stretches almost 3km, is unspoiled, uncrowded and is the most attractive places on the island. The blue water sea, smooth soft white sand and the waves slapping constantly make the young people coming to this land become eager and can not wait to rush into the sea. The beach is as curved as the crescent moon with whispering casuarinas. If you've tired of the waves, you can walk on the soft sand, pick up countless of lovely snails crashed by the waves onto the shore and build the graceful castles from snails.

Ngoc Vung island
It is very interesting to build the castles from snails

To visit and explore this small island with the simple houses, nothing seems to be more enjoyable than a cycling trip. Do not be afraid to enter a house and ask to borrow or rent a bike leaned on the fence because the enthusiastic people are willing to lend you. During the journey wandering the narrow road by the sea, you can rush to any area of the sea, freely play on the deserted beach.

Ngoc Vung island
Riding a bike to explore Ngoc Vung island is an interesting experience

The newly harvested rice fields which still have perfume of straw, ripe jackfruits, the line of longan with young fruits, the children waving to strangers passing the alleys and narrow roads through the village, the dog with dreamy half closed eyes in the siesta,... are the things that visitors will never forget. You can book to have dinner at local people’s house at affordable prices. The dinner is very simple with familiar dishes like sea-acorns soup cooked with Piper lolot, a plate of sneak-head, stirred water spinach, simple but delicious.

Ngoc Vung island
Sea-acorns soup cooked with Piper lolot
Ngoc Vung island at night is peaceful and quiet, with no modern audiovisual equipment, no internet. There is only the moon and the sound of frogs. Sometimes, we caught the some flashing fireflies which make space more fanciful. The days on the island are peaceful and simple. There are ships going to Van Don or returning from Cam Pha port at 7 am every day.

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