The Stunning Beauty of Temple of Golden Buddha in Thailand

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Thailand is one of the countries that have the highest number of temples and shrines in the world. It has two famous temples that those who come to Thailand would like to visit named Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha), and Wat Traimit (Temple of the Golden Buddha).

Thailand- land of the beautiful and monumental temples

Temple of the Golden Buddha (Wat Traimit) is a famous Buddhist temple in Bangkok Thailand. The temple attracts visitors by its unique beauty, its history and the mysterious golden Buddha statue. Temple of the Golden Buddha is one of the few temples in Bangkok that allow visitors to get close to adore the important Buddhist masterpiece. From here, guests can walk to Chinatown, one of the other destinations in the trip to the capital city of Bangkok, Thailand and enjoy wonderful moments in this place.

The entrance to the Temple of the Golden Buddha

Temple of the Golden Buddha (Wat Traimit) where has the biggest golden Buddha statue in the world is located at the end of Yaowarat Road, near Hualampong station, end of Chinatown, Samphanthawong district. Thais think that this golden Buddha statue is a symbol of prosperity and purity as well as strength and power.

The Golden Buddha statue worshipped in the temple

The Golden Buddha is a sitting Buddha statue of 3 meter high molded from solid gold and weights 5.5 tons. The Golden Buddha Statue and the mysterious anecdotes make Wat Traimit become one of the top destinations of visitors in the journey discovering Thailand- land of the golden temples. Golden Buddha statue was identified to be molded in the Sukhothai era (around 13-15 century), one of the most famous stages in Buddhist architecture development of Thailand, placed in a temple in the ancient capital of Ayutthaya (about 1 hour riding from Bangkok to the North).

The Golden Buddha statue is associated with many mysterious stories

When Thailand was invaded by Burmese army, this statue was covered by a layer of concrete, and absolutely kept secret; as a result, the statue was forgotten for centuries.

Later, the statue was packed in a crate, transported to Bangkok and placed in the central chamber of the Choti-Naram temple (Wat Phrayakrai temple nowadays) under the reign of King Rama III (1824-1851). In 1931, the temple was abandoned and concrete covered statue was moved to a temporary place and hardly was anyone interested in this Golden statue during the two centuries.

In the 1950s, when being moved to a new temple in Bangkok, the statue slipped the crane and fell into a pit of mud. However, nobody salvaged and the Buddha statue continued to be forgotten in a quite long time.

Locals said that there was a monk warned by the Buddha in a dream; therefore, the monk the villagers found out and pulled the statue up. Through a crack, the monk saw a flashing yellow light and the Golden Buddha was "reborn".

The Buddha has a kindly face, is the belief of the Buddhists

Temple of the Golden Buddha (Wat Traimit) is opened from 9 am to 5 pm with a fare of 40 baht/ person. However, the most suitable time for tourists to visit the temple is in the early morning when there are few people and therefore can easily take the beautiful and satisfactory photographs of the statue placed in a cramped space of the central chamber.

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