Pyu – The First World Heritage Site of Myanmar

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Myanmar is mysterious and attractive with the temples and beautiful sceneries. In Myanmar, there are also primeval forests, majestic mountains, and pristine beaches with clear water... In Myanmar , there are also ancients places where tourirs can experience a totally different beauty of this country.

The ancient cities in the Pyu Dynasty of Myanmar are the first monuments recognized by UNESCO as the world cultural heritages of this country. It is also the places where can satisfy the visitors who want to take a Myanmar heritage tour.

Myanmar Pagoda
The ancient cities of Pyu, the first places which are recognized as the world heritages of Myanmar have many historical and cultural relics

The ancient cities of Pyu Kingdom

Ancient Pyu city-states include the rest of the tiles city, walls and moats around the cities of Halin, Sri Ksetra , and Beikthano in a large irrigational area in the basin of the Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy) River. The cities reflect the flourishing development of Pyu Kingdom in over 1,000 years, from 200 BC to 900 AD.

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A brick tower in the archaeological zone

Three cities, which were excavated, are a part of the archaeological zone with citadels, palaces, landfill sites and early industrial production places, and the Buddhist brick towers, walls and irrigation systems – some of which are still in use today – and show the structure of an intensive agriculture.

The brick wall in the Pyu- a pace you should not miss in the Myanmar heritage tour

So far, the remnants of the Pyu dynasty include the walls, fortresses, cemeteries, especially a Buddhist temple built of brick which is very impressive ... Besides, these cities are also the important archaeological sites.

Bagan- the land of temples

As a located country in Southeast Asia with the main religion is Buddhism, Myanmar has many temples, pagodas related to Buddhism. Among them, there are also many works that can be able to become World Heritage Sites. For example, they are the famous golden temple in the ancient capital Yangon; or temples in Bagan under the time of Pagan Kingdom...

Myanmar Pagoda
Swedagon- The famous golden temple in Yangon, the symbol of Myanmar Buddhism

Going to the Shwedagon Temple (often called the Golden Temple) - the sacred symbol of Myanmar, you will be overwhelmed by the majestic, massive architecture, and the extremely amazing colorful metamorphosis in different periods in a day. Although Shwedagon Temple is not the heritage of the world, it is a worth coming place in your tour.

In fact, the group of Bagan temples was interested by the UNESCO, and it would be a World Heritage Site provided that there was no restoration and no new construction in this area. The temples in Bagan are hundreds years old, and so far, this place has preserved more than 2,000 Buddhist temples with unique architectures. These relics of temples and pagodas surviving in Bagan can be compared to two famous temples of Cambodia and Indonesia which is Angkor Wat Temple and Borododur Temple respectively.

There are more than 2000 temples and pagodas preserved in the Bagan plain

However, because of many historical events and impacts of weather ... many temples in this area were damaged. Therefore, the Government of Myanmar decided to restore and rebuild parts of the relics which are damaged.

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