Things You Should Know About Vietnamses Beef Noodles

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A bowl of beef noodle soup is the Hanoi authentic cuisine. For a long time, pho bo keeps its own unique taste and be the most favorite food of Vietnamese as well as visitors in even the first time they travel to Vietnam. It combines rice noodles, beef and broth and cooked by skilled hands over a period of hours.

-          Best bones for pho
It is the best to make soup from leg and knuckle bone. They often boil bones first in 10 minutes to get rid of the gray foam up to the surfaces. After that, fill with water and boil it for at least 3 hours, which makes the pure flavors of taste and rich pho.

-         Thin sliced meat
It is easier if you cut across the grain to make it thinner.  

-          Vegetables and herbs
A plate of basil, fresh mint, bean sprouts, limes, fresh chilies are added to make your bowl of pho more sumptuous.

Pho bo is not the broth or simply a dish. This iconic Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup is one of the most famous foods coming from Vietnam. 

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